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XBOX ONE or PS4 quit working ?

Like most gamers you have upgraded to the new XBOX ONE or PS4, while they seem to have the YLOD and RROD taken care of, they still break down. The Blu-ray drives in these systems and hard drive fail more now. Don’t worry just bring them by Crazy Dad’s and we can get you back to gaming.

We'll Fix Your System - Guaranteed

Rest assured, Crazy Dad's Game Repair has an actual repair shop with big name gaming experience and more than 1000 video game systems repaired with little or no issues whatsoever.

Get Your Game Back On!

At Crazy Dad's Gaming Repair , you’ll never pay any hidden fees for your console repair needs. We have set prices for repairs and provide you with a 30 day warranty. For electronic device repair in 3 days or less, give us a call or contact us online.





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